The Closer 3x14

The Closer 3x14

Same as above. Not so much the two millionth time. Despite her rough start, Courtney proves herself to be quite talented with the violin.

It was not funny the two millionth time. Renaissance ’s publication run was rocky, at best, but I’m still very proud to have contributed to the project. This website is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc.

9) Twinspeak- Fred and George spoke that way once in the books. Ron said it ONCE in the books, when his mouth was full. Follow the adventures, conflicts, triumphs and defeats of the crew of the USS Enterprise, NCC-6756-G.

It had been intended that “Flashpoint, Part I” would be published as a kind of flashback story much later on. Does it sound plausible? Thus, “Flashpoint, Part II” is indeed the first episode of the fourth season.

Set at the dawn of the 75th century, Star Trek: Renaissance was a mixture of political intrigue, exploration, and character-driven drama, driven by a loose but defined story arc. Obsessions:

Jane Austen, Harry Potter, LotR, Buffy, West Wing (just about anything written by Aaron Sorkin actually), Firefly, 'Bones, ' and Castle.

The Burning Ita 1981

I was a Counselor in Training! I decided to share this archive of the series for visitors to discover, or even re discover.

Funny the first time. 8) Umbridge will not be Umbitch. This diminutive is irritating and silly.

Several functions may not work. It picked up where Deep Space Nine left off, and had the courage to try to answer some of that show’s most important questions: could the Federation adequately defend its security without compromising its ideals?

Com Self Closing Toilet Seat

I do not concede! 7) Dumbledore is not Dumbles, Bumblemore, Dumbasadoor or any other stupid name that can be made by chopping up and destroying his name. 6) Hermione will never be referred to as Mione.

I freely invite any of you to call me out on them should I commit these infractions. If it happens in my story and isn't immediately followed by Harry doing something to make it clear that's not gonna happen again, please call me on it. Webmaster’s Note:

The third season of Renaissance was prematurely ended due to a major shake-up in the writing staff. Not so much after that. However, with the abrupt “cancellation” of the third season, the remaining writers decided (for better or worse) to dive right into season four.

Or do the ends in fact justify the means? The original intent had been to end season three on a major cliffhanger that would lead into season four. The original website that hosted Renaissance went offline, but I had an archive of every episode and a lot of background material from the show backed up on my computer.

Arizona asks Callie how she can Snap out of this when she cut off Arizona's leg. 5) Harry is not to be referred to as cub, pup, Prongslet, or any combination of the above.