Stanley intellisensor Pro 0 77 200 manual

Stanley intellisensor Pro 0 77 200 manual

Once the edge of the stud has been detected, the. DO NOT use optical tools such as a transit to view laser beam. 669-GB(cover, p6-67) 75/58/7558 65:

Failure to follow warnings may result in bodily injury.

77-765 IntelliLaser Pro Stud Finder and Laser Line Level with Continuous AC Warning INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

Prot jase los ojos, use gafas de seguridad One Year Warranty Garantie de un an Garant a de un a o 7558 Stanley Tools Product Group of The Stanley Works, New Britain, CT 56558 T5886 85-659-956-556.

Prot gez vos yeux, portez des lunettes de s curit.

99 AM Page ILLUSTRATION 6 Adjustment Feet Adjustment Feet Laser Plane Lock/Release Button Live Wire Mounting Hole WOOD METAL WOOD Keypad LASER Mounting Hole Push Pin ON Button 8.

The following warnings must be followed to avoid injury: