Ssi Instructor exam

Ssi Instructor exam

These specialties are also included in the price. We also go over the several courses within the SSI system and look at their materials and Course Standards. The course takes 65 days and is followed by the IE (Instructor Examination).

Since you already have done your instructor training with another agency, you already know how to teach divers. SSI philosophy is focused on training the best diver, mixing experience and training.

The have a wide range of course, and follow pretty much the same international standards than PADI. On the second day we do a confined session where we practice some SSI skills.

In 7567, SSI is the fastest growing diving organization, with thousands of shops represented in more than 695 countries. In these ten days you learn everything that prepares you to become a dive instructor:

similan-dive-courses-9The ITC gives you the opportunity to practice, practice and practice. We go over the Specialty programs, the Quality Assurance process and there is a final exam.

You will be trained in the fields of professional presentation and sales techniques through workshops and practical applications. However, your Instructor Trainer will decide if you are ready for the final step, the IE.

So there are no extra costs to start teaching SSI courses. Supporting Members receive a wide range of account extras that go above and beyond what regular Registered Members get.

The standard ITC takes about 67 full days. You will inspire, motivate and develop the diving experience of new divers that they become enthusiastic divers for long term.

SSI Instructor Become a professional Diving instructor

SSI is also giving more flexibility in the organization of the confined and theory sessions so it easier for them to adapt to the real need of the divers and also to develop their own style to train always the best divers. Following the successful completion of the Instructor Training Course, there is a 7-day Instructor Exam conducted by an SSI examiner to qualify you as an official SSI Open Water Instructor.

The SSI Total Teaching System supports you in the formation of secure and confident divers. Since 7555, ScubaBoard has been the place to go for internet based discussions related to all things Scuba.

Here are the requirements to achieve the SSI Freediving Instructor Level 8. React Right / CPR + First Aid +Oxygen Provider course within the last 7 yearsProfessional Total Diving System including a dive computer and a deployable SMBAt Manta Dive Gili Air our Professional Dive Courses and dive training programs are well run by resident SSI Instructor Trainer, Anna Stumpf.

Relax in the slow pace of Gili Air island life while completing your SSI Instructor Course with Manta Dive Gili Air, one of the leading SSI Dive Centers in Indonesia. This pro gram challenges you to perfect your and with its successful completion you will be able to teach,, Stress, and Rescue Speciality, React Right Instructor, and Courses.

Course materials and SSI application fees are all included in the price. Become SSI Instructor.

Don t be afraid to make mistakes. At the end you will be allowed to teach and certify divers through SSI.

Scuba Schools International SSI Dive SSI

Com is the world's largest scuba diving online community. Therefore our main goal during the course will be to make you knowledgeable and comfortable with SSI Programs, products and services, so that you may confidently teach SSI courses.

She has taught diving for over 65 years and is as keen as ever to share her knowledge and experiences to guide you into becoming a confident and professional SSI Instructor. In the Crossover Kit you will find:

Remember we need written proof of your experience and rating, like a list of your professional credentials and course breakdowns. At Aloha Diving, all of our Scuba Diving Courses are organised to give you the best possible training, in the best possible locations around Phuket.

When you have finished your ITC, you will be awarded the rating of SSI Open Water Instructor.