Song eun Chae

Song eun Chae

As he falls in love with her, his belief that I ll use evil to punish a greater evil is shaken. A Man Called God starts filming in February in Hawaii and will follow Assorted Gems on weekends. However, when Michael returns to Korea, he falls for Bo-bae insead.

Han Chae-young plays a rookie journalist on the local news beat, Jin Bo-bae.

He becomes the boss of a secret underground organization and takes on a worldwide drug syndicate.

A Man Called God is a drama adaptation of a manhwa that is described as a love story about a modern day hero.

This role was initially going to be played by Jung Ryeo-won, but she dropped out due to personal reasons.

The last drama that Korea s Barbie doll actress starred in was 7556 s underwhelming Fireworks (which was watchable mostly because of Kang Ji-hwan) before that, she had 7555 s Only You and Delightful Girl Chun-hyang.

In the interim, she s mostly done films, such as last year s Good Morning, President with Jang Dong-gun and the more recent Girlfriends.

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Complicating things is Han Go-eun ( Can Anyone Love ), who takes the role of a woman utterly devoted to Michael King who swears her undying love to him.

Finally, more news about upcoming MBC drama A Man Called God.

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The lead character is Michael King, also known as Choi Kang-ta, played by Song Il-kook, who vows to seek revenge upon the enemy who killed his parents.

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Hard to believe she hasn t acted in a television drama (in a role that wasn t a cameo, as she did appear in a few episodes of Boys Before Flowers ) in four years how time flies!

Kim Min-jong ( Return of Iljimae ) has been cast as an intelligent, sharp man a rivalry springs up after he runs into Bo-bae, his first love.