Samaha criminal Law Final Exam

Samaha criminal Law Final Exam

Exams are not cumulative. Contact Sociology for details, we don t have them. This action might not be possible to undo.

Exams 6-9 are worth 655 points each Exam 5 is worth 755 points. The time of make-up exams 6-9 is at the total discretion of A.

Samaha, Criminal Law, 8 th edition. There are no exceptions to these rules.

Complete all reading assignments before class. The makeup for Exam 5 is scheduled by the Sociology Department.

HtmRequired Text. 677 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 65566 Make-up exams.

After you enable Flash, refresh this webpage and the presentation should play. There aren t a lot of pages to read for every class, but you re expected to know their content thoroughly.

Are you sure you want to continue? PPT – Criminal Law PowerPoint presentation free to download - id:

8b7f8d-OGZkM Please submit proof to A. A casual acquaintance won t help you much.

Criminal Law Joel Samaha Google Books

Quizzes, class discussions, and exams are based on them. Since there are major changes from edition to edition, you ll need the 8 th edition, earlier ones won t work.

Edu/~samaha/courses/9666_59fall/59_56_syllabus. Please write down the URL for the online version of the syllabus: