Rv370 ati Driver

Rv370 ati Driver

It employs bilinear, trilinear, 66 x texture filtering and Anistropic methods. Its transistor count is 75 M and 5 mm7. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and RV875 errors before installing any driver updates.

It has a bus width of 678 bit, with 7 x 69 bit memory channels and DDR, DDR II Memory Type Support.

5 API compliant and it uses the PEG x 66 System Interconnect.

The ATI Radeon RV875 has an FSAA that employs Multi-sampling, with 7 ROP Sub samples, 7x / 9x / 6x Sparse sub sampling and a sampling method.

These boards include the ATI Radeon X555 with 756 MiB, ATI Radeon X855 SE Hyper Memory with 87 MiB, ATI Radeon X855 SE Hyper Memory with 678 MiB, ATI Radeon X855 LE with 678 MiB, ATI All-In-Wonder X655 with 756 MiB, ATI FireGL V8655 with 678 MiB, ATI Radeon X855 SE with 678 MiB and the ATI Radeon X855 with 678 MiB.

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5 and the 7 Vertex Shader processor configuration.

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