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Interconnection between the verses and the continuity of the subject might not be apparent or existing. It is a divine guidance to humanity so that we can successfully reach our destiny - the Hereafter. Com (also known as The Noble Quran, Al Quran, Holy Quran, Koran) is a pro bono project.

It is for this reason that the title or name of a chapter would not reveal the total information and contents in that chapter. Because of its divine origin, ‘Al Quran’ in its original Arabic language does not have human authors.

It is important that, for deeper and more understanding of ‘Al Quran’, the reader should visit any index, commentary, or notes, if available in the translation. [Quran 69:

6] The Holy Quran.

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Thus, for one to understand ‘Al Quran’, one should first free the mind from the preconceived notion of a “regular” book, and then concentrate on grasping the meaning of each individual verse in the chapter.

A reference for Muslims and non-Muslims. Verses that have obvious and clear connection should be studied together.

This application is now available in both online & offline modes It is a book that is not like any book ever written. The chapters of ‘Al Quran’ consist of verses that deal with a mixture of subjects and miscellaneous topics.

Alif Laam Raa. The Quran, the book of God, has been preserved by God from tampering and change.

The information contained in a chapter of the Quran is woven together and laid down in a mosaic form that might give the feeling of lack of continuity and order. ‘Al Quran’ does not conform to the normal conception of a book.

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‘Al Quran’ is unique in its composition and style. It is reasonable to think of a chapter of ‘Al Quran’ as a beautiful flower bouquet, each of its flowers has its unique color and smell.

‘Al Quran’ was revealed from Allah in sections to meet the needs and requirements of the Islamic Movement in its different stages. After one reads a chapter more than once, one is able to comprehend all the important lessons in that chapter.

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