Prison break 1x16

Prison break 1x16

Serie que se centra en el superhéroe de DC Comics Flash, y que es, a su vez, un spin-off de la serie Arrow. Lindsay repeatedly uses the as a bathroom, unaware of the camera watching her. Queen La -now a wandering spirit- posses Jane in order to restore her precious Opar.

Duncan and Gwen talking about their favorite scene from Blood Bath 7:

Siguiendo la estela de “Crepúsculo” y True Blood, narra la historia de una adolescente que se enamora de dos hermanos vampiros (uno bueno y otro malo), que se disputan el alma de la chica y la de sus amigos y familiares.

Duncan and Gwen share their second kiss and become an official couple in.

Lindsay completes the challenge, and enjoys it, but is embarrassed when she gets Chris's name wrong.

Lindsay is opposed to Tyler being eliminated, but covers it up due to the two being on opposite teams.

Lindsay turns against Heather and throws her makeup bag in the freezer.

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Courtney and Duncan are reunited after the latter wins Total Drama Action.

After breaking up for the second time, Duncan and Courtney are reunited again.