Principles of Prolotherapy pdf

Principles of Prolotherapy pdf

The therapist applies manual mobilization by passively moving the spinal joints within the patient’s range of motion using slow, passive movements, beginning with a small range and gradually increasing to a larger range of motion. SMT also appears to be no more effective than other recommended therapies. Treatment was delivered by a variety of practitioners, including chiropractors, manual therapists, and osteopaths.

Also included were patients whose pain was predominantly in the lower back but may also have radiated (spread) into the buttocks and legs.

The effectiveness of this form of therapy for the management of acute low-back pain is, however, not without dispute.

Only cases of low-back pain not caused by a known underlying condition, for example, infection, tumour, or fracture, were included.

For this review, acute low-back pain was defined as pain lasting less than six weeks.

Low-back pain is a common and disabling disorder, representing a great burden both to the individual and society.

It often results in reduced quality of life, time lost from work, and substantial medical expense.

Overall, we found generally low to very low quality evidence suggesting that SMT is no more effective in the treatment of patients with acute low-back pain than inert interventions, sham (or fake) SMT, or when added to another treatment such as standard medical care.

Lower Extremity Injury Medical Treatment Guidelines

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SMT appears to be safe when compared to other treatment options but other considerations include costs of care.

Approximately one-third of the trials were considered to be of high methodological quality, meaning these studies provided a high level of confidence in the outcome of SMT.

This is often accompanied by an audible ‘crack’.