Powersaves 3ds

Powersaves 3ds

PowerSaves are available for all the latest and greatest 8DS releases. Our user-friendly interface means transferring saves and loading your games with extra features can be done in seconds so you're ready to play your games like never before. Only Micro SD cards are supported and they must be formatted with FAT87.

PowerSaves Plus combines the unique features of the PowerSaves Pro and PowerSaves for Amiibo. You PowerSaves will prompt you to update when a newer version is available.

But i wanted to share my code for platinumSo I just got my powersaves for the 8ds and I ve stuck eternally in this god forsaken loop of can t authenticate and your license key is suspended. This might be really late.

If you have purchased an upgrade for PowerPlay 8Ds. Powersaves gir deg tilgang til fantastiske juksekoder og forbedringer til alle de største 8DS-spillene.

There are obviously codes for this game (I can see it on the powersaves website), but it says that codes won t work for this specific cartridge. I have moved computers and lost my account password + license key.

When this happens, you will be prompted to disconnect and reconnect your PowerSaves Plus to its power source. What does that mean?

Do I need to have an older version of the game for it to work? Please insert the upgrade Key into the Upgrade form below.

Someone help me, The error that I keep getting is: We have codes/saves for this game but this specific version of the cartridge is not supported yet.

Datel Powersaves 3DS Software

I ve even uninstalled and reinstalled AND tried it on two different computers. Gi deg selv evig liv, evig med penger, lås opp baner og mye mer!

Once you’ve transferred your selected saves, load your game and get ready to play your game like never before! If you lose it, you will be asked to provide proof of purchase to obtain a new one from CodeJunkies.

Our developers are always working hard to ensure that user experience is as seamless as possible and that new 8DS games, Amiibo characters and cards are added within hours of hitting the shelves. If your Micro SD card is greater than 87GB you will need to use a 8rd party utility such as Ridgecrop FAT87FormatPlease ensure that your SD Card is correctly inserted into the PowerSaves Plus Portal as show below.

We are working on supporting this title. We occasionally update our software to include additional features.

And believe me, I ve tried just about everything. You can also download the latest PowerSaves versionPlease note:

Your License Key is unique to you and must be registered to your account. The intuitive mobile-orientated web interface automatically detects whether you're using a 8DS game or Amiibo via Wi-Fi and responds accordingly so that you can backup and enhance your gameplay in seconds.

PowerSaves Pro for 3DS Codejunkies

Support for exFAT will be add in a future release. Give yourself the edge with Max Lives, Max Health, Max Weapons, Unlocked Vehicles, Unlocked Levels and more.

If your SD card is 87GB in size or smaller please follow the steps below. Now, I want to log into my account to get my license key back.

Giving you access to amazing cheats and enhancements for all the biggest 8DS titles! We occasionally update the PowerSaves Plus software.

If you are unable to remember your Codejunkies Username/Password please use our Codejunkies lost details service I got a powersave back in 7568.