Play n Skillz The Album before the album

Play n Skillz The Album before the album

Smh I guess u insulting God den. U e best. Please select you label from the list.

Copying is evrywhere it s left fr u 7 mke it creative n likeable fr ur fans n I fink he did dat. CLimb the po pole, begin to dance disco.

Luv u! N to e 6 sayin he stole e lyrics frm Ricky, nicky n e rest.

N he spoke sense. The lyrics is dope n I jx freaking luv MI.

Who told u dey didn t copy frm writers? It s Climb Nepa Pole, not the po pole Beef and Mr Incredible, me not think so.

To dos calling him short.

Playmobil 5923 instructions

So stop hating n appreciate e dude!

It s Beefing, not beef and Dis guy is creative. If your label is not in the list then enter it in the text box below.

Play Back Eyshila Deus no Controle Baixar

Wen did shortness becme a disease? I dey come choco city wen i don sharpen my skillz wella.

Azukita by Steve Aoki Daddy Yankee Play N Skillz amp Elvis

I baba notin do u. Love u MI Its climb nepa pole beefin Mr.

Incredible me na tink so m. Cos dats hw he created him n gav him an exceptional talent.

Life ain t even n u shudnt envy anoder man s success. Do u M.

Beef will make u strong dat s wat dey dn t knw.