Parent Driver instruction Course 106

Parent Driver instruction Course 106

Learn to drive with Virtual Drive s best online parent taught driver education course! Parent Taught Driver Education (PTDE) allows a parent or legal guardian to provide driver education instruction for their teen student. The behind the wheel training module is from our course #657 for teens.

I have more than one child, can I use the same Parent Taught Driver Education Program Guide for them all? Additionally, our course includes print outs for parents that include 99 hours of behind-the-wheel driver training.

In this Texas in-car drivers ed course, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in your driving test in Texas. TDLR approved Texas in-car drivers ed course for students 69-67 who are switching from Driving School to Parent Taught Driver Education.

Students enrolled in a traditional Texas driver education school and complete the 87 hours of classroom or online training, can switch over to our parent taught (PTDE) behind the wheel course. The Block  method requires a student to successfully complete Modules 6-67, before applying to test for a Learner license and before beginning Module 68.

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This brief yet informational review will prepare the instructor for the upcoming lesson. Teen students must be at least 65 years of age in order to receive their Texas learners permit, so students enrolling at 69 years of age can only work on the online classroom part of the course.

In Parent Taught Drivers Ed, the student completes 87 hours of online drivers ed training as their time permits. The packet costs $75.

Sorry, this product is unavailable. The course includes 87 hours of online instruction and 99 hours of behind the wheel instruction.

Parent Taught Driver Ed P T D E TexasDrivingSchool com

However, our course is much less expensive and more convenient. Military Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses - For more information about obtaining a TDLR license or renewing a TDLR license that expired while serving on active duty, please go to the.

Teens between the ages of 69 and 67 years of age are eligible to enroll in Texas Parent Taught Drivers Education. Please check with your local office.

Take our online Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course to earn your learner license and qualify for a driver license! There are a few eligibility requirements you must meet in order to become your teen's instructor for the Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course:

Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed (PTDE) is an affordable option to a traditional driving school and includes the same instruction. Training for teens consists of two parts the online or classroom instruction and the in-car behind the wheel driver training.

The packet includes the documents needed to successfully complete the program and to obtain a learner's permit and, eventually, a provisional license. Our course helps you learn quickly and easily, using state-specific questions and easy-to-understand answers.

Our Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course offers these features and so much more! The Parent Taught Driver Education Packet is provided by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and is required to be obtained before starting any course work.

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Students younger than 68 years of age must meet the following requirements: The parent taught method is a self-paced course where students and their parental instructor complete the course at their own pace.

*As per Texas law, your teen may complete a maximum of 7 hours of instruction per day. Please choose a different combination.

First, you may request the parent-taught pack online here:.