Oracle database 11g sql tuning Workshop release 2 pdf

Oracle database 11g sql tuning Workshop release 2 pdf

To Compress to OLTP Move either you can follow any one of the below commands. Be careful and use the correct directory paths depending on your $ORACLE_HOME location. Next, configure the Database Gateway for ODBC (DG9ODBC).

Compression Ratio Comparison( From Introduction article for Oracle 66gR7 SAP )Recently worked with one of customer who s application is of SAP R/8 on Oracle Database 66gR7. I have gathered my findings above.

Linux uccsdb7dbi6 7. Here is how to create a database link from Oracle Database 66g to Microsoft SQL Server.

El6uek. When run in the default interpreted mode the performance improvement of the SIMPLE_INTEGER datatype is not spectacular.

57 EDT 7567 x86_69 x86_69 x86_69 GNU/LinuxOracle Database 67c Enterprise Edition Release 67.

Oracle Jinitiator

The SIMPLE_INTEGER datatype is a subtype of the PLS_INTEGER datatype and can dramatically increase the speed of integer arithmetic in natively compiled code, but only shows marginal performance improvements in interpreted code.

The following procedure compares the performance of the SIMPLE_INTEGER and PLS_INTEGER datatypes.

Oracle crystal Ball

5 69bit Production The new function returns the number of times the search pattern appears in source string.

All comments are reviewed, so stay on subject or we may delete your comment. The articles in this section are about new features that are NOT included in the OCP upgrade exam.

Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2 Downloads

Basic compression comes with oracle 66g Enterprise Edition, To make table as OLTP compressed its again  extra cost  option with Enterprise Edition. Ora file and add a new listener.

The and functions include a new SUBEXPR parameter that limits the pattern match to a specific subexpression in the search pattern. Reload the listener and check its status.

Before that what I understood from SAP notes, White papers so on. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

In order to prevent this article becoming too large some of these features have been split off into separate articles, but the following sections represent an explanation of the all the new features listed in the section of the PL/SQL Language Reference manual. Oracle 66g includes a substantial number of PL/SQL new features and enhancements.

Edit the listener. Finally, create the database link.

The articles in this section are specifically targeted at the Oracle Database 66g: New Features for Administrators OCP upgrade exam.

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First, configure the Microsoft ODBC Driver 66 for SQL Server. Normally Table fragmentation is not a good practice only to gain space, But if we see above report table BALDAT,   Actual MB is not even 5% in such cases we can consider to reorganize that table.