Microkinetics Turnmaster pro for windows V2 0

Microkinetics Turnmaster pro for windows V2 0

Got it very very cheap on Craigslist! Products Offered: CNC milling machines CNC lathes Stepper motor controllers PC motion control software CAD/CAM Design Tools Stepper motor drivers CNC retrofits Stepper motors Custom electromechanical product engineering Well There is enough room to mill out the saddle to allow for proper clearance.

Here is a copy of the Maurice Khano Microkinetics Will not provide a copy unless you pay an engineering fee?

Borrowed My fathers truck to drag it home from the boonies!

6(intergrated Punch/Laser/NEST/CAD/DNC, support All Trumpf Machines) According to Microkinetics These are the latest Instructions for the CNC ConversionInstructions download above say to grind the preload compression nut on the ball nut so it will fit?

The ball Nuts and Screws Microkinetics uses are manufactured by Ball Screw part # which is a .

CNC milling machines from MicroKinetics MicroKinetics

755 and uses a preloaded ball nut part # After many years of use, we sent in the machine to be refurbished.

Please tell your staff how great of a job they did.

Support CATIA, MasterCAM, Hypermill, Euklid, I-DEAS, TOPSolidTRUMPF TruTOPS.