Mas Alla Del limite Temporada

Mas Alla Del limite Temporada

Above the temple are foundations of a church from the Byzantine period. The newly discovered temple is located south of the decumanus - colonnaded street - which ran from east to west and was the main thoroughfare in the city during the Roman through Byzantine period.

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With the Online Community Connector the church invests $6,555 mailing to the 8,555 homes with kids between 8 and 65 in neighborhoods within an 8 minute drive of the church, as well as their strategic highly occupied member neighborhoods.

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The temple, measuring approximately 79 by 67 meters, was built with a decorated façade facing the street.

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The temple ceased to function at an unknown date, and a large church, the remains of which were uncovered by the Hebrew University excavation team in previous seasons, was built over it in the Byzantine period.

The building of the church on the foundation of the temple testifies to the preservation of the sacred section of the city over time.

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Better yet, the church gives selected members a list of their close neighbor homes with VBS age kids for truly personal invitations.

The temple s walls were plundered in ancient times and only its foundations remain.

So they send 85,555 VBS invitation postcards to every home within five miles for $5,555 (Their blew their whole outreach mailing budget and got marginal response).