Marshall Mg50dfx user manual

Marshall Mg50dfx user manual

As the MG755DFX is a stereo amplifier it voltage rating that your amplifier requires is offers two FX Return jacks LEFT and RIGHT. One that s screened/shielded) to plug your guitar in here. MG55DFX MG755DFX Front Panel Features 6.

Here follows four sample settings to act as starting points from which to develop your own sounds.

As a direct result of FDD, your new MG55DFX/MG755DFX will give you a sound and feel never before thought possible in such an affordable, non-valve amp.

Whilst the information contained herein is correct at the time of publication, due to our policy of constant improvement and development, Marshall Amplification plc reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

Marshall Amplification and accurately mimics the way our all-valve amplifiers interact with a loudspeaker.

(power) lead which is effects processor you are using in the effects connected here.