Manual Slr Camera settings cheat sheet

Manual Slr Camera settings cheat sheet

CAUTION: Modifications or parts not approved by Cobra Electronics and rotated to face directly toward you. Even though it has the nickname the poor mans Hasselblad it is in many ways more superior in its build, quality and sharpness.

Este s mbolo indica que este producto debe ser recogido de manera independiente. Either the 67 exposure 675, or the 79 exposure 775 roll film can be used on the S7.

In fact, Bronica S7 cameras are still widely used by professional photographers. For many years, the Bronica S7 camera was used by professionals for wedding photographs and portraits.

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It is more affordable than other cameras, another great feature of the Bronica S7 camera is its mechanical shutter and mirror. Used Bronica S7 cameras are still in high demand.

Las siguientes normas se aplican en los pa ses europeos. Este producto est dise ado para ser recogido de manera independiente en un punto de recogida adecuado.

If Cobra asks that the product be sent to its factory, the product is utilized within the U. Not found in any single lens reflex camera.

The mount and mirror design are unique. It has an extra-long telescopic lens, too, which results in sharp pictures.

Instead of moving upward, the Bronica instant return mirror slides down and forward. With interchangeable film back magazine, it permits the change of film type in mid-roll (black-and-white to color or color to black-and-white, indoor to daylight etc ) and the shooting of several rolls of film without reloading.


Instructional manuals and repair manuals are readily available, if needed. See reverse of this manual.

This product designated separate collection at an appropriate collection point. Instant Return Automatic Mirror:

The reflex mirror of the Zenza Bronica incorporates an original and exclusive mechanism. The Zenza Bronica S7 is the Ultimate 6cm x 6cm single lens reflex camera.

Zenza Bronica S7 accessories are easy to find. Ensure the fastest turn-around time on any repair.

The lower part swings downward, and the upper part swings upward, this not only permits the use of deep-set lenses, but also means that the mirror shock of the mirror is in opposite directions, so a mirror lock-up is not needed. Allowing the use of wide-angle and other deep mounted lenses.

Ce produit doit tre recueilli s par ment dans un point de collecte appropri. Les consignes suivantes s appliquent uniquement aux utilisateurs r sidant en Europe.

Zenza Bronica S2 SLR Camera and Manual

Symbol for separate collection applicable in European countries This symbol indicates that this product is to be collected separately. The following apply only to users in European countries.

The Zenza Bronica S7 lens is unique, and features a wide-angle lens, and the Bronica also has interchangeable view finders.

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With the Bronica S7 camera, loading film is easy.

The Bronica S7 camera is a high-quality, Japanese-made camera. S mbolo para la recogida selectiva aplicable en los pa ses europeos.