Latex madame Zoe clinic

Latex madame Zoe clinic

She talks about how she loves quality time with her son, how she loves bonding with him, and that she knows the smell of her ass will be up his nostrils all day long. You should upgrade or use an. “All u need is mommy.

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”If Junior ever thinks of trying to date someone, Kandy will simply show the girl videos of Junior eating her ass. Sexy MILF Kandy lies sunning in her backyard.

Kandy tends to favor her own boy, but puts him in his place when necessary. She tells you how much her slave loves her ass, but that to get it, he has to earn it 6st.

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“He eats m5mmy s every day, ” she giggles. She asks pillow slave if he s jealous and if he hates Junior, and smiles when he replies “yes.

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After a while, she has him crawl up to untie her bikini bottoms so he can remove them and give her asshole the love and attention it deserves. The camera swings around to give you a primo view of one of the most amazing asses you will ever see.

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She's looking to remove the wrapper as soon as possible. “I love making you suffer” she tells her bitch as she flogs his cock with the flogger, then moves into a forward-sitting position for some good old fashioned ass-smothering.

Kandy has enslaved them both, and has made them compete for her attention to ensure they dislike each other, even though they were once great friends. Kandy looks amazingly hot lying on her blanket.

In July, get ready for Taking My Doll s Virginity proving you get the highest quality and the best value when you re a member of The English Mansion. There are some great close ups of Kandy s ass being licked in this scene.

Her son is at her feet and her son s former friend lies underneath her arms, acting as her pillow. She tells Junior his lunch today will be coming from her ass.

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You are using an out of date browser. It's always nice at XL Girls to match up total strangers and see how quickly they become fast, fast friends in every way.

” The next words you hear Kandy say are “Open your mouth, Junior it s time. “Speaking of toilets” she says, “I left my ass nice n dirty for Junior.

She reminds Junior that daddy would lose it if he knew Junior was her slave, not to mention her toilet. Irene looks amazing, as she sits upright and to show off her large breasts n divine ass.