Inuyasha movie 2 sub Indo

Inuyasha movie 2 sub Indo

Hobbie: writing fanfics where kagome, Harry and naruto turn on the people who deserve it and kick some ass. Inuyasha because he is a jealous prick who treats kagome like a doormat and deserves every damn Oswari he gets!

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Inuyasha season 3 episode 1 English dubbed

Which means middle of nowhere and there is literally no internet providers that combine out this far! Full time!

I hate Kakashi because he abandons everyone for sasuke and in my opinion is that if sasuke never left he would have NEVER taught naruto anything! Sakura is a bitch who needs to get her eyes off sasuke a minute look into a mirror and kill herself!

I'll try to get some updates soon but so far I've been stuck with just my phone! Two timer!

Sesshōmaru touching Rin's face after she is once again brought back to life. Please do your part to end it Then we moved to BFE.

Re-post this if you believe homophobia is wrong. My fatorite anime characters are Naruto, Anko, Haku and isiabi (fish girl in filler episode) and kagome because they kick ass!

DISLIKES: I hate Kakashi, Sasuke, sakura and Inuyasha!

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Well when they deserve it that is! (i hold grudges like a bitch outta hell!

I'll try to get an update for you all as soonas I can! I love yaoi but still like naruto fic with him with a girl.

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I love kagome because she is a very kind person who loves everyone no matter who they are.

Inuyasha episode 86 subtitle Indo

I have been writing but only when I've gotten a minute here and there!

I drive like an hour to get to work so between that and no internet it's hard to update! I got a new job.

) i hate sasuke because he is a stuck up ass who thinks he has it so bad but naruto had it worse he a spoiled brat who threw away the best god damn thing he ever had! Sesshōmaru wields the Tessaiga after receiving the human arm from Naraku.

I love naruto because he has a very strong heart and doesn't allow people to get to him with words.