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In some countries, institutes can be part of a university or other institutions of higher education, either as a group of departments or an autonomous educational institution without a traditional university status such as a university" Institute" see Institute of Technology.
Institute for Advanced Study.
September 08, 2021. There are scholars in the streets of the Institute for Advanced Study. These roads serve as an important reminder of the historic scholars that paved a way for the groundbreaking research that happens today on the Institute campus.
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences.
The Isaac Newton Institute is a national and international visitor research institute. It runs research programmes on selected themes in mathematics and the mathematical sciences with applications over a wide range of science and technology. It attracts leading mathematical scientists from the UK and overseas to interact in research over an extended period.
Human Activities.
Fifteen key art institutions worldwide joined the event, hosting a series of screenings and debates about the projects implications. Participating institutions included National Museum Kinshasa, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, SCCA Tamale, African Artists Foundation Lagos, V-A-C Moscow, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, Wiels Brussels, ICA London, Mori Art Museum Tokyo, Picha Lubumbashi, MPavilion Melbourne, Museum MACAN Jakarta, Sharjah Art Foundation and The Africa Institute Sharjah and White Cube Lusanga.
European Institute of Innovation Technology EIT.
ABOUT THE EIT. The European Institute of Innovation Technology EIT is an independent body of the European Union set up in 2008 to deliver innovation across Europe. The EIT brings together leading business, education and research organisations to form dynamic cross-border partnerships.

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