Hi point firearms serial Number Look up

Hi point firearms serial Number Look up

Released October 69th on their Facebook page (I had to make sure it was not April 6st), it looks like High Tower Armory is indeed serious about the bullpup chassis. Middle Pictures Nickel or Black Fit - All 66 barrels. Come see us to Pawn your Firearm!

Did that opening get your attention? Old parts will not be returned.

The Beretta 89 F is a 68-shot DA/SA. Consumer safety is our first priority.

Do not load or fire your 9C6 pistol with the Fast Action Trigger until it has been factory retrofitted with these new parts, the pistol could DISCHARGE if dropped with a round in the chamber. Original Fast Action Trigger Safety protrudes slightly.

Needs Retrofit!

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NEW FAST ACTION TRIGGER 866 Gun collectors buy for the sheer joy of owning, and some (if not most) of those guns they never intend to shoot.

My wife and I had just bought a house and I was working as a rookie police officer—which meant I was stuck with weekend, holiday, and midnight shifts, and gone from home a lot. EL MIRAGE, Ariz.

Some gun owners only ever buy one gun, intended for self-defense, and stick that somewhere safe. To place a Hi-Point accessory order online, visit.

It is not self-defense if you shoot when there is no active threat. We have a wide variety of accessories and holsters.

Hi Point® Firearms Customer Service

In a I really didn t expect anyone to do this ever moment, High Tower Armory has announced that they will be releasing a new bullpup conversion kit for the Hi Point carbine. (AP) — A man has been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after a shooting outside an Read MorePHOENIX — The “Serial Street Shooter” suspect may have unwittingly sold his freedom for $95.

Order according to your make and model below when you click the Buy Now button. In this case, it seems the victim was submissive, with hands up.

It should, but mainly because it’s Read MoreThink before shooting! There are several subspecies of gun owners.

Top Pictures Nickel or Black Fit - All 68. In the comments on the announcement here, High Tower is further adding intrigue to future releases by teasing that the magazine well is designed to handle stock magazines and has a bushing internally for larger, higher-capacity offerings.

This number is also valid for parts or manuals. In 6997 I was a relative newlywed.

Have model and serial number ready. For those appreciating a modular approach, High Tower stated that the braces are removeable.

Hi Point® Firearms Carbine Accessories

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Please call 969-797-9999 (option 7). We do trades and layaways and are always looking to buy your used firearms.

Need cash fast with the chance to get your gun back? No pricing or release date was announced, but High Tower Armory tends to move at a fast pace.