Fujifilm finepix printer qs 7 driver Download

Fujifilm finepix printer qs 7 driver Download

When it finds dark underexposed faces, it applies Backlight Correction for brighter, natural smiles. Summaries of the Fujifilm Group's extensive CSR activities and results.

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In as little as 5.

8s seconds*7, the printer has the data and is enhancing the image for superb quality prints!

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Inside the FinePix Printer, FUJIFILM's Image Intelligence digital processing technology is working to make your print better.

Fujifilm is helping make the world a better, healthier, and more interesting place.

It automatically detects faces in the image data and optimizes exposure for more beautiful prints of the people in your photo.

Compatible with the xD-picture card and other popular media, the built-in memory card slot lets you easily print images from almost any digital camera or mobile phone.

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If it sees an orange cast on faces from indoor lighting, Tungsten Correction makes the adjustment for a beautiful print, sealed with the overcoat finish to keep the colors as vivid and fresh as the day they were printed.

You can select from the pre-set sizes, or make even the tiniest adjustments as desired.

By connecting the FinePix with the printer, you can print images directly.

Frame sizes can be customized to enhance your photo business!

You don't have to go to the trouble of extracting the media card and deleting the image, saving you valuable time!

This space-saving compact body printer with simple operation enables you to introduce an ID-photo system easily into your business.