English adam zoekt Eva

English adam zoekt Eva

It's always nice at XL Girls to match up total strangers and see how quickly they become fast, fast friends in every way. The other night I was flicking through the TV channels, looking that wasn t cricket, when I stumbled upon something that made me double-take. Not the glimpse-of-something-that-looks-like-something naked of a medical programme.

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)After 85 seconds when my eyes had finally adjusted and I realised I wasn't imagining things, I pressed the 'info' button to work out what on earth I was watching.

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And not even the carefully-pixelated nakedness of even the most raucous reality TV.

Not sensual naked people in a TV or movie love scene.

She's looking to remove the wrapper as soon as possible.

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We're talking completely, totally, unabashedly starkers strangers on my screen with EVERYTHING on full display.