Download Nitgen Fingkey hamster Driver

Download Nitgen Fingkey hamster Driver

In order to use fingerprint recognition technology in devices having versions earlier than Windows 7, fingerprint device vendors were required to provide their own USB drivers, SDKs and applications. The solution to this was the Windows Biometric Framework introduced in Windows 7. It is one of the most economical biometric PC user authentication techniques and has a very high accuracy rate.

Biometric technology is based on measuring the unchanging physical characteristics of an individual to uniquely identify that person. The Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) comprises of a set of services and interfaces which support the consistent development and management of biometric devices such as fingerprint readers.

There are no problems with the biometric scanner redirection into remote desktop session even on slow connection.

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It also enhances the reliability and compatibility with biometric services and drivers and allows device developers to interact with the client side of the framework that supports each biometric solution.

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Dll (from FDx SDK Pro). This framework supports fingerprint recognition products through a new set of components and provides a common management platform for different fingerprint recognition products thus enhancing the quality, reliability and consistency of the customers’ user experience while using fingerprint recognition products.

Supported Devices:,,,,, Keyboard Plus, OptiMouse Plus, OptiMouse IV,, Bayometric is a leading global provider of biometric security systems offering core fingerprint identification solutions. To avoid this possible problem, please be sure to update the SecuGen SDK dll, for example, sgfplib.

If you install legacy drivers on Windows 7 or later with Windows Biometric Framework, there is a chance that a future Windows Update could automatically replace the legacy driver with the WBF driver, which could cause your application to not work well. This resulted in a variety of proprietary solutions lacking a homogeneous user experience and a common management platform for all fingerprint biometric devices which complicated the process of applying fingerprint recognition products in Windows.

The Windows Biometric Service runs in the security context of Local System and is hosted in a privileged SVCHOST process. Biometrics technology is a widely used technology for identification and verification.

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It provides convenient access to systems, services and resources. For instructions on how to do this.

Fingerprint recognition is the oldest and the most deployed biometric recognition technique. If you are using Windows 7 or higher, you can use Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) to quickly and easily login to Windows with your SecuGen Reader.