Dnastar lasergene

Dnastar lasergene

DNASTAR has distinguished itself by providing perpetual licenses of Lasergene over our competitors. Our aim is to achieve excellence in providing a complete customer satisfaction in terms of technology, delivery and support. BGI has excelled in providing quality for genomic data and their analysis.

BGI is one of the world’s leading companies in Genome Sequencing technologies of animals, plants and microbes. With advancement in tools for NGS data analysis and Protein Structure prediction.

SnapGene is the first software to simulate this procedure. DNASTAR has positioned itself as one of the top ranking DNA Sequencing Analysis Tool.

They have patented various technologies including their gene panels on various cancers. More than 55,555 research papers published in 6555 journals has strengthened DNASTAR’s market position in the market of software for NGS data analysis and now paving its way through proteomics’ data analysis by using Novafold technology in Protein Structure prediction.

DNASTAR has used Novafold technology for 8D structure prediction of proteins on AWS clouds. Clontech's In-Fusion cloning is a remarkably versatile method for creating seamless gene fusions.

Please visit  for various products updates, free trial and technical videos on various applications or contact us at  BGI is one of the world’s leading companies in Genome Sequencing technologies of animals, plants and microbes. SnapGene simplifies the planning of a Gibson Assembly reaction, and automates the primer design.

We have more than 855 installations of Lasergene in India who are using DNASTAR for their research pan India. Our vision is to identify products in emerging technologies that support sophisticated research in life sciences bioinformatics.

They combination of providing high quality and competitive price both. The DNASTAR Lasergene package is the most robust of our software offerings, and includes all of the applications from our genomics, molecular biology, and structural biology suites.

DNASTAR Lasergene Software Full Suite DNASTAR

Just select the DNA fragments that you wish to fuse, and SnapGene will design the primers. High Resolution Protein and Antibody Modeling with NovaFold and NovaFold AntibodyHow one DNASTAR employee’s personal journey landed him at Addis Ababa University DNASTAR has various modules, which are applicable in molecular biology NGS, protein analysis and cancer genomics.

Many researchers are turning to Gibson Assembly to insert fragments into a plasmid without the use of restriction enzymes. Whether your work focuses on next-gen sequencing assembly and analysis, clinical research, or traditional sequence analysis, the DNASTAR Lasergene package will meet your research needs, and is available on both the desktop computer as well as the DNASTAR Cloud.

The DNA segments to be joined are amplified by PCR to create overlapping ends.