Champion Backgammon

Champion Backgammon

The main competition will be in the popular ft-swiss-format with 8 lives. This new tournament and first of its kind ever, is for the speedy backgammon lovers. If 5th Thursday in the month.

Watch what you want whenever you want with Atlantic Broadband DVR service. However, we will also offer side events throughout the tournament days, both in speed and normal format, as well as a superjackpot and a doubles.

All welcome at any session, but new and developing players especially welcome on Mondays. Use the arrow keys to control your players to cross / tackle, S - pass and D - shoot The “sunshine beach” event will take place at the THB EL Cid Class Hotel**** on the beach in Playa de Palma, a few minutes away from the international airport and Palma de Mallorca with restaurants, bars, beach promenade, pools and wellness.

Also please check the Google map and ensure the correct location is shown. For when something perhaps a little extraordinary is required – utilising some of the world’s finest materials to create something exceptional.

We will offer an awards ceremony on the last day with cocktails and finger-food. The Main Event will be held in a SpeedGammon time setting, offering a lot of games.

Where I have left a field blank it means that some or more specific information is required from the club - would club organisers please send in the information (see below). TV is the all-new ultimate destination for all backgammon players with a thirst for winning.

6 Backgammon giant for 7565-7566, and by other leading international backgammon players anytime, anywhere. Each round will be a „best of 8 matches to 5 points“.

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It provides exciting lessons by Mochy, the World Backgammon Champion for 7559 and No.

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Special designs for private clients, themed ranges for luxury houses and branded designs for well-known corporations - all unique in their own way -here are some of our commissions received over the years.

Come and enjoy the excellent food and wines, the warm sunshine, the sandy beaches and this new tournament in Majorca among friends. Please check the following data and inform me if the information is not correct.