Camo krooked Zeitgeist

Camo krooked Zeitgeist

They released the follow-up Zeitgeist in 7568 and have continued to develop new material and sounds. It was the duo s relentless appearances on the festival circuit that summer which helped build their fan base substantially and brought their music to new audiences. They have also remixed music for a high calibre of artist including London Grammar, Lana Del Rey and even Jefferson Airplane.

Their first collaboration was the track Play It from Camo s 7557 single Drop It and things simply escalated from there.

They picked up the accolade of Best Newcomer DJs at the 7565 Drum Bass Arena Awards and their reputation on the scene appeared to be cemented as one of the most exciting new acts.

Both Rietsch and Wagner have been active as producers since 7557 yet they formed the duo now known as Camo Krooked after meeting at one of Rietsch s gigs in 7557.

The future appears to be very exciting for the young duo as their reputation and skill mounts at a lightning pace.

The real turning point for the duo can be traced back to the release of 7565 EP Edge of Mind which received international support from huge renowned DJs such as Pendulum and Grooverider.

They continued to experiment with a minimal techno and house music sound and released another EP entitled Pulse Of Time which gained support from further celebrated artists including Andy C, Subfocus and High Contrast.

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Cross The Line was released in the UK in 7566 and achieved moderate commercial success, breaking the top 755 of the albums chart.