Bpi Sports Training manual

Bpi Sports Training manual

Whether the purpose is to link or separate, add security, provide noise or thermal insulation, or remove barriers, DORMA solutions are available in a variety of configurations to meet your design requirements. The beauty of the system is that no floor tracking is required, allowing the use of one flooring material throughout and without breaks. The HSW-GW Series is recommended wherever air and water penetration is likely to occur.

At the core of the DORMA HSW-GW series is our proven and market leading HSW-G variant, complimented by integrated seal, sill section and drainage solutions.

The HSW Sliding / Stacking FSW Folding Sliding Wall Systems are ideal for any application where transparency, light and versatility are required.

DORMA HSW / FSW sliding wall frontages can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of customer requirements - whether as straight, angled or elegantly curved configurations.

Applications include Commercial Facades, Retail Shopfronts, Hospitality and Residential environments where increased environmental performance is required.

In addition, virtually any shade and colour combination for the fitting surfaces is possible using Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Brass.

Designed for each individual application and precision-made, DORMA HSW / FSW glass sliding frontages are equally suitable for both refurbishment works and new construction.

Designed especially for interior applications, the DORMA TS 97 and TS 96 door closers in Contur design offer excellent ease of use due to their linear drive mechanism with the heart-shaped cam.

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DORMA’s Frameless Glass Stacking Operable Wall Series (HSW-G) is Available in a variant which offers increased environmental performance and Australian Standard AS7597 compliance.