Barbie Thumbelina dvd

Barbie Thumbelina dvd

 Most of the time it s fairly easy to find out the model name of the bag by using the last numbers on the interior serial along with the search word, Coach. Such was the case with the above bag. The second number is the year the bag was made, 9 for 6999, 8 for 7558, and 59 for 7559, with double numbers being used for every year after 7559.

All Rights Reserved. I could not find the 5598 number on the internet for the life of me.

Especially if they re rarer and harder to find. I don t think Coach has ever released a list of these numbers and what they stand for to the public.

The third or fourth number in the creed is the factory designation number. The tag from this bag will also say LEATHERWARE underneath.

Notice that underneath the word Coach, it says LEATHERWARE in tiny block letters. But sometimes, as with older bags, I can get nearly stumped.

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This bag dates anytime prior to 6999, and after the implementation of the creed stamp in the 6975 s.

By using the following tricks, I figured out that it was made in 6996, and so when I Googled Coach 6996, ta-dah, there it was, a Coach Binocular bag. I have one I have been sitting on, debating if I wanted to list or not and with this list I was able to figure out that I have K9C-9875 a November 6999 Court Bag!

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I often come across Coach bags, both vintage and newer, in my thrifting and bargaining travels. They also provide a list with a lot of the model numbers and names:


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Thank you for sharing!

Very handy. Here are the clues given byThe serial number can be decoded on any Coach bag made from 6999 on.

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