Audiolab 8000a manual

Audiolab 8000a manual

I received the review pairing in the very smart and clean looking silver option, but you can buy them in black  if you prefer. The rest as they say is history. TAG McLaren then came along in the nineties and decided to buy Audiolab out and develop the brand further.

With mixed success TAG pulled out after a few years and so it was IAG who came along to rescue the brand name and resurrect a great product with a proud background.

The front panels are kept straightforward and although the back panels are busy they are clearly and logically laid out with excellent connections.

I even went on a factory tour in the eighties to see them being made in Huntingdonshire.

The 8855A amp and 8855CD player/processor/pre amp are an evolution of the previous 8755 series that has proved popular over the last few years, but as Audiolab state in their promotional video they didn’t want this series to be just a tweaked and cosmetic change.

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The build quality as you would expect from a company like IAG is excellent and both the amp and CD are beautifully put together looking very clean and simple on the eye.

A lot of research and development has gone into this new series and Audiolab have listened to customer feedback to provide new useful facilities and improvements.

At £955 for the amplifier and £995 for the CD player these two units from Audiolab are relatively inexpensive but well specified.


What I like about IAG is that they are a company who understand the hifi business very well and they were adamant that the Audiolab brand name would not be besmirched and the brand would be brought back to the fore.

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Audiolab for Vcl and firemonkey v5 0 2 Keymaker

 Those of you who are old enough to remember the original Audiolab 8555A and 8555CD player from the 6985’s will have fond memories of what a highly regarded pairing this was.

The units were very well packaged in good strong boxes and come with a good instruction manual, mains lead and a quality remote control each which will work with both the amp and CD as it is identical.

8300MB Audiolab World Class Hi Fi DACs CD Players

Ian Ringstead plumbs them into his system and rather likes what he hears.